Farmland Uruguay

Farmland Uruguay offers agricultural real estate in Uruguay, South America. We’d like to advise you on farmland investments and assist you with the purchase of a farm or ranch in Uruguay. 


We publish objective news items about farmland price developments, farm rental income and other relevant issues to help international clients carry out preliminary research regarding the potential of farmland investments in Uruguay.


The farms for sale on display on this website are intended to give an indication of available properties, but don´t constitute an exhaustive overview of the farms we are able to offer you.


Farmland investments in Uruguay are attractive for multiple reasons. To highlight one: farms in Uruguay are paid in US dollars and farm rental prices will also be paid to you in US dollars. Political stability, legal certainty, economic growth and market transparency are other reasons why international farmland investors prefer Uruguay. There are no limitations or restrictions to foreigners buying farmland in Uruguay privately. 


You can find farms and ranches for sale in Uruguay in the section NEW and on FACEBOOK.


The videos below provide a brief introduction into farmland investments in Uruguay. The first video shows you the country, its farmland and the people. The second video is meant for those interested in getting to know Farmland Uruguay.

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